A Land of Crafts and Culture

Saitama, bordering the capital of Tokyo, is a lively prefecture where cities, nature, tradition, and cutting-edge modern industry all co-exist in harmony.

Stepping into Kawagoe, known as "Little Edo", is like travelling back in time to the Edo Period. Walk around the traditional town in Kimono, eat Matcha or Sweet Potato sweets, and enjoy Saitama's delicious local cuisine.

Saitama is a region where traditional crafts that utilize the blessings of nature still flourish, such as woodworking and dyeing. From wooden crafts that wed the warmth and familiarity of wood to modern designs, to fashionable stoles made from vividly dyed silk fabrics, a selection of fine Saitama products are available.

After taking this time to enjoy Saitama from your own home, please come visit Saitama in person in the future!

#Just north of Tokyo


Saitama is located just north of Tokyo, and is just thirty minutes by train. Due to the well-developed infrastructure of railroads and highways, it is also easily reached from neighboring prefectures and international airports.

The Chichibu Night Festival, which numbers alongside the Kyoto Gion Festival as one of the three main Hikiyama (float) festivals, has a history of three hundred years, and its fascinating floats and fireworks that light up the winter sky is a symbol of Saitama.

Saitama, which is one of Japan's leading wheat growing areas and is blessed with abundant fresh water, has a thriving noodlemaking industry. Udon and Soba, the most recognizable Japanese noodles, have higher yields from Saitama than anywhere else in Japan. Why not try some with Saitama's addictingly delicious soy sauce?

A breathtaking view near Hikawa Shrine. You can see a row of beautiful sakura trees that line the Shingashi River for about 500 meters. During the spring festival on March 31st, visitors can try the boat riding experience that will be held at the Shingashi River behind the Hikawa Shrine! Please come and enjoy the superb view while elegantly swaying in Japanese boats this spring!

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